Nattesværmeri – Sara and Tobias

3 minuts, 15 seconds. Digital 2-d animation. Sound. 2005.

Sara and Tobias is the name of the couple sleeping in the bed. They are the main figures in the animation Nattesværmeri. Between 03 and 04 am Tobias wakes up at the same time every night and cannot sleep. A huge moth lands on the duvet of a sleeping couple and indicates that a dream transmission begins. The animation is dealing with storytelling, magic and ”angst” which  is experienced at night  or in our sleep.  Animals are metaphores for a change in reality and of an other state of mind. Pictures of a moth or bubbles in a glass are metaphores for a longing to escape the everyday  life and  rationalities of an adult life. A wish to give focus on situations in life, where time and place cease to exist and a change in thought happens. When one loses track of time the life ”in between” the  outside and inside unfolds.