Demonstration of Power – The King

3 overhead projectors. A free poster to take home.  An light installation at Kronborg Castle in Elsinore.

Westerberg’s “The King” is based on portraits of royal personages and the symbols used to demonstrate power, obedience or wealth. The posture is taken from a painting of Christian VII, but instead of a classic portrait of a king, Westerberg depicts a naked man using a thin black line projected onto the wall. The external regalia – clothing, jewellery and weapons – are stripped away. All that’s left is a naked figure with no real power. The jewellery and pets are also projected onto the walls of the room, but out of context, they lose their status and are devoid of value. The artists works in the media of painting, drawing and animated films where the components are often involved in an installation context. Westerberg is also are searcher who not only explores and elaborates in her works but also tries possibilities and tests limits in her set-ups and presentations.