The King

2.57 minuts. 2011
Animation by Cecilia Westerberg
Sound by Solveig Sandnes

Documentation from Blinc Digital Arts Festival in Conwy, Wales. UK. The King was part of a 20 minutes program that was screened on a mediaval Castle in the city Conwy in Wales.

Blinc Digital Arts Festival, a two-day, site-specific festival of light and sound based artworks, was exploring the role that history plays in today’s modern environment. Performance Artists, Film Makers, Photographers, Digital Artists and Animators exhibited, projecting imagery and illustrations onto Conwy’s 13th century Castle in Wales,UK. Huge crowds watched as images addressing myth, personal and chronological history, and humour engulfed the castle walls.

The King was a commissioned piece. In the spirit of early 20th century animation Cecilia Westerberg has chosen to make a white line animation  on black background. A ghost looking like a King tries to get into,the castle by climbing up the wall. It fails and falls/slips down constantly.You see the King standing and looking up, making various attempts to climb up the castle wall.There is a paradox in that ghosts are said to be able to go through the wall and that this can not. Not being able to enter serves as a metaphor for ‘You can never go back in time, to the way things were.’