Atlas of small and Large Observations

Original drawings on 16 spreads in handmade book.
Format: 70 x 50 cm, 2013

This book was a labour of love many weeks in the making – an expansive and stimulating picture book of where we come from and of wonders of the world. A book to emerge in and start you own wonderings and fascination of the world.

Cecilia Westerberg’s ambitious bookwork originates from a stay in Rome where she studied a collection of old maps, instrument for land and sky surveying, map-making and navigation.

These tools for creating and organizing knowledge about geography, travel and  living creatures are recurring in the book, as sign of information being amassed over time.

Time passes, millions of years at the turn of a page. Crawling, creeping, flying creatures move across the pages, telling stories not only of evolution, but of knowledge, travel, and how we as viewers are shaped and re-shaped by a continuous flow of information.