The Alchemist's Laboratory at Malmø Artmuseum in Sweden is closing down before time due to Covid 19,  19/9 - 24/1 2021

The Alchemist's Laboratory closed one month after opening in 2020 but will open again 13/02 2021  in a new design at J.F. Willumsen Museum and run for the whole summer.

Other exciting projects are in the making but are waiting for the world to open up. More information is coming up. But it is all about plants 🌱

The Alchemist's Laboratory

an immersive art experience


Plantefarve workshops

The Future is Fungi

23 Drawings of medicinal mushrooms  and animation

Test 4.1

a collaboration with Stine Gonsholt for Kunsthal Grenland

Here Be Dragons

a duet exhibition at Spriten Kunsthall with Stine Gonsholt in Norway

River Creature

A site specific animation for Adelaide Festival in Australia