The Overwintered at Bakkehuset 2022

“The Overwintered” is a poetic study of plants’ inherent qualities, where Cecilia Westerberg opens up our eyes for what happens with the plants and our relationship with them when winter settles and the garden goes into hibernation.

Cecilia Westerberg takes an interest in plants’ growing places, their use through time and how they act in our modern day view of nature. She has been inspired by Bakkehusets historic garden and the garden’s hostess Kamma Rahbek.

Kamma Rahbek started cultivating the garden around Bakkehuset more than 200 years ago. She cultivated her big garden with equal parts passion, practical sense and botanical knowledge. At the same time she valued the flowers’ aesthetic qualities which made their way as motives to her drawings and paintings.   

Cecilia Westerberg shares Kamma Rahbek’s botanical interest and knowledgeable view of nature as well as her exploration of flowers and plants’ aesthetic qualities. Westerberg works with plant color, plant pressing, plant symbolics, plant language and the history of plants, but she also takes an interest in how plants can connect people across time and place.