Cry Me a River

4.12 minuts. 2007
Sound by Tim Hinman

The story in the film is about an old woman looking down at a puddle in front of her. Water is sucked up through her feet and transformed into tears. Instead of falling the tears float upwards into the sky and are being sucked up into a cloud. The cloud moves and finds a river in which it rains into. In the first part of the film the woman is old, she is then transformed into a younger woman crying, and in the last scene a little girl is swimming in the river.

The title of the film is taken from the original song Cry Me a River, which is a popular song. It was written by Arthur Hamilton and was published in 1953 and it has a torchy, jazzy blues tune. The sound in the film is derived from this song and all sound effects are made playing with a record player. Water and transformation are the focus part of the film. Water transforms itself and the female figure backwards throughout the film. Water has many interpretations that has to do with self-reflection as in the old Greek myth of Narcissus. Water is often perceived as a living, archetypal fluid that is informed by our imagination and dreams.