Looking for Lara

7 minuts. 2007. Digital and super 8 film. Sound by Claus Handberg

Filmed by Cecilia Westerberg and Claus Handberg. Edited by Lotta Petronella.

In Spring 2008 Cecilia Westerberg traveled to Peredelkino, where Boris Pasternak lived and wrote the book Dr. Zhivago. In this exhibition Westerberg focuses on how fiction meets reality. This time though, it’s through her own experience of the odyssey from (film) fiction to reality – and finally her meeting with Russia. Westerberg especially focuses on her experience of the Americanized film version of Dr. Zhivago and a contemporary Russia year 2008. The account of Westerberg’s journey has turned into a video, oil paintings and aquarelles from Moscow.Cecilia Westerberg takes Boris Pasternak’s partly autobiographical novel Dr. Zhivago as her point of departure and works with different aspects of displacement in the individual and collective memory.


animation_lara_meFilm still

animation_lara_vogn Film still