The M-Book (m-bogen) with Beaks Sorted by Number of Wings – Video-Audio Book

Text and narration by Birgitte Krogsbøll
Video by Cecilia Westerberg

The m-book is a new way to read and experience literature.
You can read your book as an e-book, listen to it as an audio book and watch it like a video book. You can easily switch between the different reading methods. Maybe you will listen to a chapter while taking a walk to later watch a chapter on the tv or the computer. Before going to bed you can read a bit in the e-book.
You can read the book alone or in a group where you can write to each other in the process and share the reading experience. For groups its evident to meet and share the video book together.

Supported by Statens Kunstfond and developed by author Merete Pryds Helle

Published at Touchbooks