You are invited to the Open Studio of Danish artist, Cecilia Westerberg, reflecting her one-month at AIR 3331 in Tokyo. Cecilia has divided her time, researching for a big upcoming museum exhibition in Denmark, and looking into Japanese storytelling in books and animation.
She has specifically found in visual storytelling, distinct perspectives and dynamic motion, and unique page layouts in manga. During the evening, Cecilia will give an informal artist talk about her work with site-specific animated installations and a display of her artists’ books.
You will also be able to see some of her tests made during her residency.

[What is AIR 3331?]
AIR 3331 Open Call welcomes creatives from diverse backgrounds to research, produce and exhibit at 3331 Arts Chiyoda―injecting an international perspective right into the heart of Tokyo’s art scene. For application information, please visit: